Enterprise Resource Security
Mastering Cryptographic Key Lifecycles

We simplify and centralize the management of Cryptographic Keys & Identities.

MTG Hellas enables the industry-specific implementation and easy integration of a complete Key Management Lifecycle for selected processes in companies and public institutions.

Certificate Lifecycle Manager

Certificate Lifecycle Management for more transparency, automation and controlled access for the simple and reliable management of one or more PKIs.

Public Key Infrastructure

Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) for the generation, use and administration of certificates

Key Management System

Cryptographic key management system for the central administration of security-relevant IT pro-cesses in companies and organizations.

Hardware Security Modules

Hardware for the efficient and secure execution of cryptographic operations or applications

Post-Quantum Cryptography

All components of the MTG ERS® system are PQC-ready

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What is Certificate Lifecycle Management?

With the increasing use of certificates, the need for more automation, better transparency, and regulated access rights is growing in the operation of public key infrastructures. Certificate Life Cycle Management simplifies the management of all certificate-based processes and significantly minimizes the risk of errors and the associated costs.

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Complete and cost-effective employee onboarding

All required certificates can be issued in a systematic and complete procedure. A structured setup of authorizations ensures workflows in line with compliance guidelines.

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Automation in Certificate Life Cycle Management

Automation of Certificate Lifecycle Management is essential when dealing with large and complex, multivendor certificate environments for use cases such as IoT, server, clients and mobile.

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Automated digital certificate provisioning for server

Automated seamless provisioning of digital certificates prevents server downtime and resulting costs and damages. It ensures the availability of internal services, production or the accessibility of corporate websites

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Certificate Discovery - full transparency

The Certificate Discovery function enables a systematic scanning for unknown certificates. Thanks to network-based sensors and agents all company public and private TLS/SSL certificates are identified and added to the certificate inventory.

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Quick and easy provision of digital certificates for networked devices

Networked office hardware (e.g., printers) and other smart devices (e.g., cameras) are major potential entry points for hacker attacks. However, protecting them with certificates is a heterogeneous and complex process that is therefore often not carried out.

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Public Key Infrastructure

Working Software


Companies are becoming increasingly aware of the problems associated with accidentally expired certificates. Cost drivers are the associated downtime and, above all, the high personnel costs that require manual monitoring. The increasing number of keys and certificates used in companies increases the attractiveness of solutions for automated processes. This ensures cost-efficient and error-free work.



With increasing use of PKI, companies need to have an understanding of which keys and certificates are being used in operations over time. They need to have an awareness who has access to them and be able to track for what purpose and when they were used, expire, need to be renewed or replaced

Agile Development


Due to the continuously changing threat landscape, companies have to adapt their security technologies frequently. The age of quantum computing will emerge in the coming years. Crypto agility ensures that vulnerable or outdated algorithms can be replaced quickly and easily.


MTG ERS is suitable for a wide range of industries

MTG's ERS® system, consisting of PKI, KMS and suitable HSM models, can be flexibly adapted and expanded for different use-cases to meet industry-specific requirements.


Cryptography for utility infrastructure and smart metering

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A cryptographic key and machine identity management solution for IoT device manufacturers and operators

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Public Sector

Cybersecurity, data protection, compliance audits for federal, state, local authorities, cities and state-owned companies

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Health Care

IT security for the digitalization of the healthcare sector

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Secure communication technologies, identities and processes for connected and networked mobility within the transport sector

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More Industries

Securing enterprise resources and processes across multiple industries with cryptographic keys

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What is Post-Quantum Cryptography?

PQC deals with the question, how to protect existing systems against future quantum computing threats. Post-Quantum Cryptography (PQC) is the field of cryptography that deals with cryptographic primitives and algorithms designed to protect against attacks from quantum computers. In recent years, this topic has already received a great deal of attention from researchers. The industry, however, is just starting to approach the topic.

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