Enterprise Resource Security
Mastering Cryptographic Key Lifecycles


Enterprise Key Management System

The MTG Enterprise Key Management System (MTG KMS) offers state-of-the-art secure storage, operations and lifecycle management for all cryptographic keys within an organization.


Key Destruction

Key Archival

Key Management Lifecycle

Key Usage

Key Generation

Key Establishment

Key Storage


Cryptographic keys are the cornerstone of almost all security applications and protection mechanisms. It is essential that they are protected and used with the outmost care, so that all the infrastructures, services and business critical applications remain secure. The MTG KMS enables different applications in a company to access a remote, central security system that can perform all necessary crypto operations.

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The MTG KMS architecture is part of the overall MTG ERS® system. This means that the system can be expanded with further important security components whenever required.

This includes the MTG Certificate Lifecycle Manager, MTG Certificate Authority and the appropriate Hardware Security Module.

The targeted solutions which are based on KMS (e.g., BYOK, Code & Document Signing, Time Stamping, etc.) can be optimally accessed and managed via standard APIs (KMIP, PKCS#11, REST). The MTG KMS includes a specific Java SDK that provides a simple, user-friendly Java interface for easy client integrations. MTG-specific services and adapters are available for specific use cases, like IoT, Secure Boot or Smart Metering for example.

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